Middleware to add Last-Modified and Content-Type headers to file responses.

This middleware is deprecated. Prefer the ring.middleware.content-type and
ring.middleware.not-modified middleware instead.


added in 1.2

deprecated in 1.2

(file-info-response response request)(file-info-response response request mime-types)
Adds headers to response as described in wrap-file-info.


deprecated in 1.2

(wrap-file-info handler)(wrap-file-info handler mime-types)
Wrap a handler such that responses with a file for a body will have
corresponding Content-Type, Content-Length, and Last Modified headers added if
they can be determined from the file.

If the request specifies a If-Modified-Since header that matches the last
modification date of the file, a 304 Not Modified response is returned.
If two arguments are given, the second is taken to be a map of file extensions
to content types that will supplement the default, built-in map.