Middleware to serve files from a directory.

Most of the time you should prefer ring.middleware.resource instead, as this
middleware will not work with files in jar or war files.


added in 1.2

(file-request request root-path)(file-request request root-path options)
If request matches a static file, returns it in a response. Otherwise
returns nil. See: wrap-file.


(wrap-file handler root-path)(wrap-file handler root-path options)
Wrap an handler such that the directory at the given root-path is checked for
a static file with which to respond to the request, proxying the request to
the wrapped handler if such a file does not exist.

Accepts the following options:

:index-files?    - look for index.* files in directories, defaults to true
:allow-symlinks? - serve files through symbolic links, defaults to false
:prefer-handler? - prioritize handler response over files, defaults to false